Gaint Omelet Festival

Every Easter, the Brotherhood of the Giant Omelette gathers, as they have for decades,
in Bessières, France, to crack more than 15,000 eggs, cook a giant omelette, and distribute
portions to thousands of observers who flock to the festivities.
According to a foundational story, Napoleon Bonaparte, while visiting the area, enjoyed
his eggs so much that he asked that a giant omelette be prepared for his troops. So now,
each Easter, the cooks don chef’s whites and toques. Wielding enormous wooden spoons
that look more like oars, they stir the eggs in a massive pan over an open fire in the town
square. The multi-day festival invariably includes dancing, music, or parades, but the
omelette-making is the main event.
The organization, which is also known as the Knights of the Giant Omelette, takes their
mission seriously: “to prepare and serve, free of charge and full of joy, a giant omelette.”
The first event, in the ’70s, used a few thousand eggs. It’s not only grown in egg count, but
leapt borders: Local chapters cook giant omelettes in six other cities, from neighboring
Fréjus, France, to Pigüé, Argentina.

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